Board of Directors

Kaze Uta Budo Kai

Nick Lowry — Founder & President

Aikido 8th dan | Judo 8th dan | Jodo 7th dan • Windsong Dojo

Nick Lowry has been involved in martial arts training for over 30 years. As a young teenager, he became enthralled by Musashi’s "Book of Five Rings" and "Tao te Ching" by Lao Tzu while at the same time training in competitive stick fighting.  As he neared adulthood, Nick turned away from the competitive arena, and began formal study of budo at the age of 18, in the arts of aikido, judo and jodo.

Nick trained directly under Chuck Caldwell Sensei,  founder of Windsong Dojo, as his uchideshi; subsequently also under Chuck's teacher, Mr. Karl Geis; and also under Ms. Tsunako Miyake in the study of jodo, tai chi , goshin jutsu no kata, and koshiki no kata.

Patrick Parker — Vice President

Aikido 6th dan | Judo 6th dan | Jodo 5th dan • Mokuren Dojo

Patrick Parker began his study of martial arts in 1986, and since then he has studied Taekwando, Karate-do, Aikido,  and Judo, among others. He currently runs Mokuren Dojo in southwest Mississippi, which focuses on automatic, reliable martial arts to children and adults for fun, fitness, discipline, and self-defense, as well as the popular Mokuren blog, a consistently insightful source for Judo, Aikido, and other “martial thoughts.” When not Judo-chopping his sons, he enjoys adventures with Boy Scouts.

Eric Pearson — Vice President of Community Organizing

Aikido 6th dan | Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu jun-kyouju  | Judo 2nd dan • Muteshokai

Eric Pearson is a professional educator from the Austin area who runs a private dojo and teaching practice called 無手勝会 Muteshokai.  He studies a variety of arts including Aikido, Daito Ryu, Judo, Systema, Iaido and Tanto Jutsu, and is particularly fascinated by soft, powerful and subtle expressions of martial principles. He strives to be of more educator than warrior, more healer than fighter, and more student than teacher. He  is also an accomplished magician, practitioner of shodō (Japanese calligraphy), and writes the popular budo blog “The Dragon’s Orb.”

Jack Bieler — Vice President & Koryu Special Advisor

Aikido 7th dan | SMR Jodo Shomokuroku | Seitei Jodo 6th dan | Eishin-ryu Iaido 7th dan Renshi  | Judo 1st dan • Denton Aikido

Jack Bieler began training Tomiki-ryu Aikido and Seitei Jodo in 1985 in the Fugakukai association under Karl Geis and Miyake Tsunako.  He has also studied Kodokan Judo and Tai Chi.  In 1997 he met John Ray and began practicing Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu.  In 1998 he sought out classical Jodo and was introduced to Kaminoda Tsunemori, menkyo kaiden of Shindo Muso Ryu.  Jack formally entered the Ryu in 2011, and was awarded Shomokuroku (first teaching license) in 2012.  Jack teaches Aikido and SMR Jodo at The Dojo of Traditional Japanese Martial Arts in Denton, Texas.

Jack is a computer programmer, manager and consultant, specializing in aviation training. He has a Bachelor's degree in English and is also a licensed massage therapist. He has been an audiovisual technician, stage hand, wine salesman and fry cook, and an unrequited writer.

Ingvard Ashby — Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations

Aikido 5th dan | Judo 5th dan | Seitei Jodo 4th dan • Windsong Dojo

Ingvard Ashby's interest in martial arts ignited when he first studied Shotokan karate as a young teenager in the late 80s. He later began his study of aikido, judo, and Seitei jodo in 1994 at Windsong Dojo under Chuck Caldwell Sensei and eventually Nick Lowry Sensei, where he has trained ever since.

Professionally, Mr. Ashby has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for the last 20 years, and has always enjoyed sharing those skills with the budo world.

Advisory Council

Chuck Caldwell

Brian Sullivan

Kitty Sullivan

Greg Ables

Jim Ellison

Courtney Vahlberg

Kyle Sloan

Lou Fernbaugh

Prentis Glover

Danny Carrillo

Richard Morton

Glenn Billings

Friends & Associates

The following are some notable “friends of the family” — wonderful teachers,
associates, and advisers from outside Kaze Uta Budo Kai.

Zdenek Matl Austin, TX

Brent Zurbinggen — Houston, TX

Howard Popkin — Old Bethpage, NY | Ginjukai

Joe Brogna — Old Bethpage, NY | Ginjukai

John Amuedo — Los Angles, CA

Felix Robles — Houston, TX

Gary Berliner — Atlanta, GA

Norman Fiedler — Denison,  TX

George Ledyard — Bellview, WA | ASU

Jason Mix — Redmond, WA

Clif Norgaard — McAllen, TX

Andrew Fish — McAllen, TX

Bob Rea — Denton, TX  | Fugakukai

Brendan Hussey — Round Rock, TX

Chris Thygessen — Houston, TX

LF Wilkenson — Houston, TX  | IAA

Ron Gotlin — Miami, FL | IAA

Mark Kitrick / Rita Javorich — Columbus, OH | IAA

Harry Wright — Vance , AL  | ATAA

Carla Martin/Mike Haygood — Houston, TX | ATAA

Craig Boyett — Houston, TX  | ATAA

Tim Cleghorn — Houston, TX | ATAA

Jeff Duncan — Killeen, TX | ATAA

David Axe — Tulsa, OK | JAA

William Sharp — Tulsa, OK  | JAA

Ed Mink — Fayetteville, AR |  JAA

Herb Mowery — Vinton, OH  | JAA

Chuck Clark — Monroe, WA | Jiyushinkai

Kris Ladasau — Oklahoma City, OK | Jiyushinkai

Nev Sagiba — Katomba, AUS

Shaun Hoddy — Essex, England | Shoshinkan

Philip Eyers — Ashford, England

Toby Threadgill — Evergreen, CO | TSYR

Dan Pearson — Portland, OR | SMRJ

Robert Mustard — Vancouver BC | Yoshinkan

Peter Boylan — Detroit, MI | SMRJ Mugendo

Charlie Hudson — Arrowsic, ME | JAA

Gene Shin — Charlottesville ,VI

Vincente Bosch — Almussafes, Spain

Mike Darter — Edmond,  OK | OKCDT

Ty Gay — Edmond OK | Red Line BJJ

Henry Akins — Santa Monica CA | BJJ

Ole Kingston — Gladsaxe, Denmark | Enryukai

Eddy Wolput — Antwerp, Belgium | TASG

Dan Harden — Spencer, MA

Corky Quakenbush — Los Angles, CA

Suhirman Djirman — Bogor, Indonesia

David Orange — Birmingham, AL | Yoseikan Budo

Will Gable — Edmond, OK | Fugakukai

Jim Shepard — Oklahoma City, OK

Bruce Bethers — Reno, NV | USATKJ

Vern Borgen — Custer, SD

Brian & Christina Head — Lafayette, LA

Ron Anderson — Oklahoma City, OK

JW Bode — Temple, TX

Mario Melendez — New Orleans, LA

Jason Junkens — Tahlequah, OK

John Nicol — Bellevue, WA

Kyle Eastham — Stillwater, OK

Peter Rehse — London, England

Yoshihito Shibata — Santa Cruz, CA

Mary Steffeck — Wheatridge, CO

Chris Li — Honolulu, Hawaii | Sangenkai

Nick Walker — Berkley, CA | Shusekai

Llyr Jones — Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Tom Collings — Bellmore, NY

Hal Sharp — Los Angles, CA

Bill Fettes — Adelaide, South Australia

Ellis Amdur — Seattle, WA

Joe Lindley — Houston, TX

Edgar Johansson — Denver, CO

Justin Rose — Arlington, TX

Wayne Stein — Edmond, OK

Nestor Topchy — Houston, TX

Darrell Sarjeant — Oklahoma City, OK

Mark Facer — Houston, TX

Einhard Schmidt — Los Angles, CA

George Webber — El Reno, OK | Fugakukai

Neal Dunnigan — Kingfisher, OK

Anita Kohler — Frankfurt, Germany

Andrew DeLuna — Houston, TX

Tres Hofmeister — Boulder, CO

Tim Joe — Amarillo, TX

Rinard Jackson — Corpus Cristi, TX

Chad Haas — Round Rock, TX

John Ray — Denton, TX | MJER

Bill Dockery — Columbus, OH

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