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Our goal is to build an affordable, fair, and reliable organization that is inclusive, fun, inspirational, and as transparent as possible.

Kaze Uta Budo Kai is sponsored entirely by the support of its membership. We strive to offer the highest quality instructors and innovative techniques at the lowest cost, both online and in our clinics and seminars. We aim to give value to our members at every turn, and remain committed to helping them on the path in every way possible, and in return, all we ask is for ongoing month to month or year to year commitment from our members.


But unlike most martial arts organizations, we’re not in the business of “selling ranks” or charging “testing fees” to stay afloat. Our rankings are fair and ethically balanced and carry no price tags. None.


With Kaze Uta Budo Kai your rank is simply a recognition of what you have already earned. We are not interested in inflating egos or making ultimate warriors or modern-day samurai, nor are we interested in building paper tigers or arm chair “masters.”


What we are interested in is fostering your autonomy, your authenticity and your integrity through the pursuit of excellence in the martial arts and daily life.

Innovative, forward-looking, growth oriented, and richly supportive.

Credentials and rank recognition without a price tag.

A peer group to foster growth and evolution as martial artists and instructors.

No BS, no drama, no politics. Just solid, principled budo.

An open source for technical research.

Broad acceptance of artistic and technical variation so you have room to grow and share your own insights.

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