Kaze Uta Budo Kai

Spring 2017 Budopalooza Seminar & Reunion

Friday March 10 through Sunday march 12, 2017

Should be a helluva good time! Great budo training and a  reunion party. The overall schedule will be pretty loose because we’ll likely have so many guest instructors, and will probably be pulling names out of the hat again. (The back room will also be available again.)

Plus, Zdenek Matl will be teaching a special afternoon / early evening session of judo on Friday.

We're asking for $40 for both days, but as always, don't let cost keep you away, just chip in what you can. Gonna be amazing brothers and sisters—don’t miss it!

Videos from 2016 Fall Seminar

Be sure to check out all the great videos from the Fall 2016 Seminar on our YouTube channel, including this one with Pat Parker on koryu dai yon kata.

Weapons Section of Koryu Dai Roku Kata

All of the videos from the Fall 2016 Fall Seminar covering the weapons section of koryu dai roku with Courtney Vahlberg and Ingvard Ashby are up on our YouTube channel.

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