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Last updated on June 15, 2016

Kaze Uta Budo Kai, hereinafter referred as “KUBK,” is committed to respect your privacy and choices while using our website. The statement highlights our privacy practices regarding Personal Information that we hold about you.


This site is provided for informational use by the public. Except with express prior written permission from the Kaze Uta Budo Kai (KUBK), you may not use, modify, copy, reproduce, sell, create derivative works or translations, republish, display, post, distribute or commercially exploit any content or this site, nor may you transmit or store our content in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.  This site is Copyright © Kaze Uta Budo Kai (KUBK), 2016. All materials displayed on the KUBK website are subject to copyright protection either by KUBK or its associates and should not be reproduced in any form without the express prior written consent of KUBK. All rights reserved.

No guarantees or warranties, implied or otherwise, apply to the data and information contained herein. KUBK and contributors to this site assume no responsibility for financial or emotional damage that may be caused by either the existence or use of this information or by errors or omissions in the data or the associated forms or html pages.

The Kaze Uta Budo Kai (KUBK) is an equal opportunity organization, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnic group, religion, age or sexual orientation.


I. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, shall Kaze Uta Budo Kai (KUBK) be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of or relating to the information provided on this website. The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Kaze Uta Budo Kai (KUBK) website is at their sole risk. Information is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind.


II. Personal Information we may collect and process:


For the purposes of this privacy statement, “Personal Information” is any data which relates to an individual who may be identified from that data, or from a combination of a set of data, and other information which is or may be in possession of KUBK.


In general, you may browse our website without providing any Personal Information about yourself. However, certain information such as your IP address, demographics, your computers’ operating system, and browser type may be collected in order to provide better usability, troubleshooting, site maintenance, and to understand which parts of the website are visited and how frequently.


When you register on our website, we may require you to provide us with certain Personal Information such as your name, email address, designation, company, country and telephone number, for one or more of the following purposes: identifying you, contacting you and provide access to desirable content based on your preferences.


III. Consequences of not providing Personal Information


If you choose not to provide your Personal Information that is mandatory to process your request, we may not be able to provide the corresponding service.


IV. Data recipients, transfer, and disclosure of Personal Information:


KUBK does not share your Personal Information with third parties for marketing purposes without seeking your prior permission. KUBK will seek your consent prior to using or sharing Personal Information for any purpose beyond the requirement for which it was originally collected.


We may share your Personal Information within KUBK or with any of its subsidiaries, business partners, service vendors, authorized third-party agents, or contractors located in any part of the world for the purposes of data processing, storage, or to provide a requested service or transaction, after ensuring that such entities are contractually bound by data privacy obligations.


When required, KUBK may disclose Personal Information to external law enforcement bodies or regulatory authorities, in order to comply with legal obligations.


V. Use of cookies:


Cookies are small text files that, like most other Web servers, we place in your device that you use to access our website. This is done to recognize your device during a session or in your future visits to our website, primarily in order to provide better user experience.


Types of cookies used:


Session cookie: Session cookies remain only as long as a browsing session is active, and are intended to avoid user inconvenience during browsing. These cookies allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session and expire at the end of the browsing session. Session cookies also assist the user in navigating the website, and allow the user to access secure parts of the webpage when logged in.


Persistent cookie: Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s device even after termination of a browsing session. It helps in recalling the preferences or actions of the user. Persistent cookies are used for a variety of purposes such as retaining the visitor’s language and regional preference(s) at the end of each browsing session. We may use services of third-party analytics service provider to analyze cookies to carry out a behavioral analysis in order to enhance user experience and convenience, and also to provide targeted and relevant content to visitors.


Depending on the type and settings of your browser, cookies may be accepted by default. You may change the settings of your browser to delete existing cookies or prevent future cookies from being automatically accepted. If you disable cookies, certain parts and functions of our website may not be available. You can learn more about cookies at


VI. Access, correction, objection of your Personal Information:


Depending on local law, you may access, update, or correct your Personal Information that we hold, including your profile and preferences. You may do so by contacting us at


VII. Data security


KUBK adopts reasonable and appropriate security practices and procedures that includes administrative, physical security, and technical controls in order to safeguard your Personal Information.


VIII. Data retention


KUBK may retain your Personal Information as long as there is a business requirement, or if otherwise required under applicable laws.


IX. Linked websites


In order to provide visitors with greater value, some of our pages may provide links to various third party websites. In no case is subscriber information or “cookies” provided to the third party sites.

However, keep in mind that many sites do attempt to capture visitor information when you browse those sites. Once you leave our site, we are not able to alert you should another site attempt to gather information from your browser.


X. How to contact us


If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or this privacy statement, you may contact us at:


Contact person: Nick Lowry

Contact address: 2201 W I-44 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 943-6246



XI. Updates to this privacy statement


KUBK may change the data privacy practices and update this privacy statement as and when the need arises, and the same will be made available on the website. But our commitment to protect the privacy of website users will continue to remain.

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